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Friday, July 8, 2016

REVIEW: Dark of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Please excuse my squeals of excitement after finishing another amazing tale by Maberry in which he has paired with debut author Rachael Lavin!

I'm an uber fan of Maberry's writing with special love of the Joe Ledger and Rot & Ruin books.  I've thought the Dead of Night series particularly captivating since they bridge the gap between Ledger and Ruin, providing the important details into the outbreak and pretty much the why and how all hell broke loose leading to the 15 years later in which we meet Benny Imura and friends in Rot & Ruin.

Dark of Night is story 2.5 in this series following the intensely painful end of Fall of Night.  In this story, readers follow the perspectives of three key players as the novella brings together all three series.  Captain Joe Ledger (Joe Ledger), former cop Desdemona Fox (Dead of Night), and Rachael Elle (Bits & Pieces) have all been doing everything they can to survive fighting an endless onslaught of living dead until their stories unexpected converge.

This novella is an in your face adventure full of heart pounding action, compelling characterization and some pretty terrifying zombie action plus the struggle for survival in a chaotic world where the survivors much face not only undead monsters but also those who while still human have embraced the evil, dark side of human nature.

The audiobook narrated by doesn't disappoint and adds a whole new facet for how to experience the story. For me, it was pretty much perfect in every way except that I am always left wanting MORE, MORE MORE!

Bravo to Maberry and Lavin! Now, please go write more :)

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Follow the author and narrator on Twitter: @jonathanmaberry @Ray_Porter

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