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Monday, October 31, 2016

REVIEW: Electric Series (1-4) by E.L. Todd

In book 1, readers meet Volt, a pretty decent and smokin' hot young professional in NYC ready to propose to the girl of his dreams.  When she breaks his heart, he swears off relationships and becomes the ultimate player.

Two years pass. Enter Taylor, a new teacher eager to mold young minds at an exclusive NYC private high school.  By chance she meets Volt and the chemistry is certainly there, but she's convinced that his wondering eye and promiscuity mean he isn't dating material.  What happens is what neither were expecting--the development of a profound friendship which remains charged with electric chemistry.

Throughout the remainder of the series: Spark, Burn, Combust these two characters experience a roller coaster of emotions and relationship starts and stops.

Will they or won't they?

If the do, will it last or will too much drive them apart?

Overall, I liked the series but after a while both Volt and Taylor started to drive me batty. His escalating jealousy is too much to handle despite readers knowing his past and trigger points.  Too bad Taylor isn't clued in.  These two fall into the typical NA trap of not really being good for each other but not being able to live without each other either.

I continue to see improvement in Todd's writing over the course of this series as well as her earlier works.  What I want to see continue to evolve is her sense of nuance and inserting plot devices that might not be as obvious.  Readers can guess from the beginning what the big reveal will most likely be but its a bit to blatant. Who would be friends for so long and not realize a connection between last names or even see a picture of a BFF?  Seriously!

Final rating: 3.75/5 stars

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