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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

REVIEW: "Bombshells" by Jim Butcher

"Bombshells" is a short story of the Dresden Files occurring between Changes and Ghost Story.  Told from Molly Carpenter's POV, she's dealing with the death of her mentor, staying under the White Council's readar and has been keeping up her magical apprentice training with 'Auntie Lea' while assuming the Ragged Lady persona to fight the Fomor's increasing presence in Chicago. When Justine shows up claiming Thomas is missing, Molly does some investigating before teaming up with Justine and Andi (Butters' werewolf girlfriend) to crash a party, thwart the treaty signing between the Fomor and Svartalves, save Thomas and prevent a bomb explosion. All in a day's work, right!?!

This story is featured in the anthology Dangerous Women edited by George R. R. Martin and featuring other stories by Carrie Vaughn, George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, and Diana Gabaldon. I skimmed through the rest of the book but wasn't enamored by many of the other stories.

I really enjoyed "Bombshells" since I adore Butcher's writing but also the chance to read a story from Molly's perspective. I love her and the growth her character has made since she arrived into Dresden's life in Proven Guilty. Lea, Butters and Andi never disappoint and it is always nice to see Justine and Thomas.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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