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Monday, January 2, 2017

REVIEW: HardBall by CD Reiss

Hardball is a standalone, sports themed erotic romance. Professional baseball player for the Dodgers, Dash Wallace is one of the sport's hottest commodities on and off the field. Like many athletes, he's a slave to his rituals and superstitions, necessary evils in his mind to keep him playing well.  One vice is a woman for each city; however, his life changes after a chance meeting with school librarian, Vivian.

Vivian comes across as a the bookish and naive female protagonist, formerly burned by love who is too complacent in her everyday life spent working and caring for her stepfather, who is in ill heath.  That fateful meeting with Dash, followed by their continued interactions sparks desire and other feelings she isn't quite ready to process.

A lot of HardBall is expected from the genre. It is pretty steamy and Dash is definitely an alpha male in and out of the bedroom. Props to Vivian, who does learn when to say, "Enough already." However, I thought she took him back too readily after his bad behavior. This is one of those relationships that readers can let pass with a fictional happily ever after even though in reality it isn't exactly a normal, healthy relationship.  Despite a marriage proposal, in real life, I doubt it would last much past the altar.  Like with most romance books, readers need a good suspension of disbelief for this one.  That said, it delivers what was promised and was a good escapism read for the end of my 2016.

Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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