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Friday, October 9, 2015

REVIEW: Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs

This novella is set between Bones Never Lie and Reichs' latest release, Speaking in Bones.  Dr. Temperance Brennan is tasked with verifying the identity of a frozen mummified corpse recovered from the 'Dead Zone' on Mount Everest. These remains are speculated to be the daughter of a wealthy Charlotte family seeking closure.  In true Brennan fashion, our favorite forensic anthropologist gets more than she bargained for when evidence reveals the victim suffered injuries from foul play and not all parties involved have been wholly truthful.

What I liked...

As a fan of the series, this is another well written entry. This worked as a novella. The pacing was good and I felt like I was able to learn a lot about extreme mountain climbing and this culture as well as the science behind the examining frozen remains, especially those which have been exposed to the kinds of conditions atop Mount Everest. I also like how some of the ongoing story arc tensions were handled (i.e. Brennan's relationship with Ryan and Katie's deployment overseas).

I listened to this on audio and enjoyed it.

What I didn't like...

Yet again, Brennan decides to head off alone to investigate and gets in serious trouble. You'd think, maybe, 17+ books in that she'd learn and make better life choices!

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