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Monday, October 26, 2015

REVIEW: Hellhound by Nancy Holzner

Only a few weeks have passed for Vicky and the events of Darklands. Her beloved, Kane, is still beholden to the Night Hag, which is draining him a bit at a time. Vicky is fighting the increasing rage she feels since she's once again connected to the Destroyer via demon mark. And, of course there's the new adjustment that her long thought dead father is now a mystical, talking white falcon!

When Boston's zombies become violent, Vicky is called in as a consultant and quickly learns that her cousin, Pryce, has even more nefarious plans as part of his partnership with The Destroyer. He plans to release a staggering amount of the zombie plague into the population and bring back the Old Ones to wreak havoc in the human realm.  Adding another confusing layer of complication, Vicky receives visions of herself fighting alongside demons. Determined to stay on the right side of the coming war, Vicky once again aligns herself with her Aunt Mab to protect the city and those she loves. All she has to do is bring down her enemies, save the day and not get torn to bits by a pack of hellhounds in the process.   There are some surprising twists and turns as Vicky's true destiny is revealed and has major consequences for the series finale, Firestorm.

I didn't like this book as much as others. It wasn't quite as snarky but admittedly Vicky has a lot going on at the moment.  The wrap up of several lingering story arcs were handled well. I was most surprised by the revelation of Vicky's greater purpose.  Holzner's been hinting at this for a while now but it certainly puts a new spin on just how Vicky will defeat her remaining foes and what might be in store for her professional and personal life.

Tina!  I'm a put out that she's still in peril and that I have to wait until Firestorm to find out her fate. I absolutely adore that Vicky's father, Evan, is back in the picture.  I did love the stunned yet humorous acceptance by her family that he's back but a bird. Leave it to a child, Vicky's nephew, to get all on board with talking to birdie-grandpa. I loved that dad/falcon sits chatting and snacking on microwaved treats with Vicky's vampire roommate, Juliet.  I also liked the end where Vicky, Mab and Evan were on hand to help Maria through her first change.

Final rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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