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Sunday, May 29, 2016

REVIEW: Christine by Stephen King

Christine counts as my Book Riot entry for book published in the decade I was born. This 1983 King novel tell the story of an evil alive in Libertyville, PA--an evil that inhabits a red 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine and the car's teenage owner, Arnold Cunningham after he buys it from strange, anger ridden Roland LeBay.

It soon becomes apparent that Christine isn't like other cars.  With a sense of awareness as if she's alive, Christine targets those who bully Arnie and reacts jealously to those who sway his attention from her. Best friend Dennis Guilder learns of the car's dark past including murder, suicide and it's heinous regeneration.

In hopes to save Arnie and put an end to Christine's reign of terror, Dennis joins forces with Arnie's ex-girlfriend Leigh Cabot. But will they all survive or will Christine and the evil manifested by LeBay cost them their lives?

Christine doesn't disappoint. It's super creepy but also interesting in its plot and character development. We so often hear people speak about a car as if it were a real person that the prospect of a car as a sentient being is pretty frightening.  Overall, I enjoyed the book as well as the audio narrated by Holter Graham.

I still have a qualms about King's depiction of female characters.  At this point I've read The Shining, Doctor Sleep, Carrie, The Dead Zone, and Salem's Lot. I want a BA and strong female character that isn't so hopelessly flawed or comes across as a bitch.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Laura Barnette said...

I remember reading this back in the day...I was babysitting my friend's kids and the neighbor had a classic Plymouth Fury. I was firmly convinced it was going to drive through the wall of the house and kill us all. Eeek!!!!


Bibliofiendlm said...

It makes me a bit leery with my van's bells and whistles too. Be nice to the van!