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Friday, December 30, 2016

REVIEW: Outsider by Olivia Cunning

Reagan Elliot knows she should be living her dream...touring with renowned rock group Exodus End as their fill-in rhythm guitarist; however, she still feels like an outsider.  She knows she should be happy with the fame, success and love from not one, but two gorgeous and devoted guys, but the world sees things differently, often wanting to destroy anything it doesn't understand.

The crux of this second novel in Cunning's Exodus End series (and sequel to the Sinners book 5 Double Time) is this theme of being on the outside looking in. Reagan loves both Ethan and Trey. Their relationship works for them but there is fear on her part, as well as Ethan's, should the truth become public knowledge. She's not sure she is ready for the backlash from fans, friends or family.

Can their relationship weather this storm of media frenzy or will it crash and burn?

I enjoyed the book. Warning, it is smokin' hot, so readers shy on the sexytime and a polyamorous relationships should jump ship now. There is depth to the characters and plot. I adore Trey.  My one criticism is I thought the book was a little too long.  Some editing could have helped to tighten the narrative, reaching the conclusion more succinctly.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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