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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

REVIEW: Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

Lost & Found is the first of a new adult romance series by Nicole Williams, author of the Crash trilogy.  Rowen hasn't had it easy. Having spent the last five years numbing her pain with boys, alcohol, drugs and general trouble-making, she must spend the summer working on a ranch in Montana with hopes that proving herself responsible enough that her mother will pay for her dream of attending a prestigious art school. Sporting a Goth wardrobe that is unlike anything they've ever seen on the ranch, Rowen is fully dreading her summer punishment.

Enter Jesse. The hotter than hot ranch hand with painted on jeans-- who just happens to be the single son of the ranch owner. He is the light to Rowen's dark.  The attraction is there from day one; however, the real question is whether Rowen will allow herself to fall for Jesse or if she will let her past ruin her chance at happiness.

My overall rating for this is a 3 out of 5 stars.  There is plenty of angst as well as complicated relationship trials and tribulations.  The characters are believable; however, Rowen is exceedingly frustrated with her yo-yoing emotions.  If this were real life, Jesse would have a long road ahead of him with having to put up with Rowen's mood swings.  As a reader, I wished that more time had been spent on Rowen's past and how that and her relationship with her mother impacted her life.  I thought the portrayal of her mother was a bit one note.  Lastly, Jesse has a difficult past of his own but that really was glossed over and I wanted more.

If you like new adult romance, give this a shot.  I'd also recommend this for a transitioning YA reader who would be interested in delving into a new genre. It's a sometimes steamy read, but not too steamy!

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