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Saturday, December 26, 2015

REVIEW: Dragonbane by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The latest entry in Kenyon's Dark Hunter series; however, also brings together other story arcs, especially Lords of Avalon. I won't harp on the highly complicated--and rather overwhelming--background to the story.  The basic gist is that, Maxis Drago is the mysterious dragon who lives in the attic of Sanctuary.  As it turns out, he's estranged from his mate, Amazon warrior, Seraphina, who pops in unexpectedly needing his help locating their teenage kids. Too bad their existence is a shock to Max, but he is determined to help save them.

What follows is highly complicated but also formulaic for Kenyon's writing.  There are an abundance of characters--some old, some new--, as well as, an intricate mythology and vocabulary of terminology--not always expertly described. As a general fan of the Dark Hunters series, even I was confused at times.  It is bad when I need a chart!  Kenyon really needs to publish an updated volume to the Dark Hunter's Companion.

Max is Kenyon's characteristic wounded warrior.  He's powerful, intelligent, loyal, yet unforgiving. He's been through hell and lived to tell the tale. All the drama and lore behind his role as the Dragonbane was rather confusing.  I think I understand but this is definitely one of those books where I'll have to revisit it again, probably before the follow up is published. Per typical Kenyon, Max and Sera are ill-fated lovers from the start but they are destined to end up together. The turn around for all of the heartache and betrayals is a bit quick but expected. Sera was rather irritating, at least in my opinion--not one of my favorite Kenyon heroines.

I did think it was interesting how events in this book are ultimately setting up for an important series arc.  I look forward to subsequent books to discover the implications of all the twists and turns. Overall, I liked that Max finally got his own book. I remain a fan of the series and am in awe of Kenyon's large scale world-building and character development.

Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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