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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

REVIEW: Single Undead Mom's Club by Molly Harper

The Single Undead Moms Club is Harper's latest release in the Half-Moon Hollow series.  Widow Libby Stratton is faced with an impossible choice, allow terminal cancer to run its course and leave her young son, or, become a vampire so that she can be there to watch him grow up.  The choice seems easy, right? For Libby, it is; however, she's surprised by the town backlash at her decision, especially the legion of PTA mom's who attack Libby at every turn.

Complications arise when her overbearing in-laws sue for custody. Its a good thing that Jane Jameson--reader's favorite librarian turned vampire bookstore owner--arrives to help Libby transition into her new un-life and navigate her legal woes.  Unexpected romance finds her with two potential beaus--her sire, who has a somewhat shady connection to Libby's long lost father, and, Wade, the tattooed redneck single dad she met while hiding in a closet at Back to School Night.

Fans of Harper and the series won't be disappointed.  I love the newfound freedom and snark Libby finds after she's been turned. She's brave, loveable and an utter riot. There is an excellent blend of humor, sexy romance and mystery. As a reader, I love coming back to familiar settings and characters. Harper does an excellent job introducing new relationships and situations but still incorporating people we love to see back for more.

I can't recommend the audiobooks enough. Amanda Ronconi (@amanda_ronconi) is one of my favorite audiobook narrators of all times. In fact, I've found other book series I've liked solely because I discovered she recorded them! She has the knack to capture the sincerity of the characters and the humor perfectly.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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