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Saturday, December 26, 2015

REVIEW: Midnight Bites by Chloe Neill

Midnight Bites is a Chicagoland Vampires anthology release featuring two stories.

The first, "Howling for You", follows reader favorite, Jeff Christopher--shapeshifting tech wiz and hacker and ally to Cadogan House.  This is number 8.5 in the series--in between Biting Bad and Wild Things. For years, he's patiently kept his eye on Fallon Keene.  Too bad she's the beautiful yet only sister to the North American Central Pack Apex, Gabriel. Balances of power and politics make it exceedingly difficult for either Jeff or Fallon to divulge or act upon their feelings.

When an important pack totem is stolen, Fallon must enlist Jeff's help before it's too late. Great action and mystery elements drive this short story that has a satisfying conclusion for readers and Jeff + Fallon shippers.

I originally read this last year; however, I enjoyed it again with this audiobook release. It fits well within the Chicagoland Vampires arcs and world-building but it also serves well as a romantic and intriguing standalone story.

The second included story is "Lucky Break" and is number 10.5 in the series between Blood Games and Dark Debt. Ethan and Merit have attempted a much needed vacation from Chicago and the never ending drama back home.  Refusing to consider that his long-thought-dead sire is back, they travel to a secluded Colorado town.  A romantic interlude isn't in the cards when Ethan and Merit find themselves embroiled in a century long vampire vs. shapeshifter feud following the mysterious death of their host's husband. I enjoyed the mystery aspect of this piece and the bittersweet revelations surrounding the conclusion.  Truthfully, it was pretty sad except for the focus on Ethan and Merit moving into the next book of the series.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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