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Monday, January 4, 2016

Marvel's Agent Carter - Season 1

I just finished binge watching the first season on Marvel's Agent Carter. I admit I didn't love the first Captain America film, but a highlight for me was Peggy Carter as portrayed by Hayley Atwell.  I missed the debut of the series this past year and definitely wanted to catch up before the next season starts in mid-January.

The 1940s is probably one of my favorite fashion and influential decades.  This show doesn't disappoint with its depiction of New York City nor the stylization of the characters and the sets.  I adored Atwell's wardrobe--the rich colors, strong lines and fantastic fabrics. The cast as a whole looks superb throughout. Seriously, I NEED THAT RED FEDORA!

As a whole, the storytelling arc is solid if a bit stereotypical of the time period with villains portrayed as German or Russian. These depictions grow rather tiresome quickly; however, I do believe that the show's creators are making a point regarding the era. Furthermore, the stylization and treatment of such characters is meant to juxtapose the diversity that can be present in contemporary storytelling.

Watching this first season made me wish I was still in graduate school.  There is so much to discuss from a Women's Studies perspective. Peggy Carter is very much a woman trapped in a man's world. She's routinely underestimated and all but discounted except for how quickly she can pick up the lunch order. The men she works with are chauvinistic and incredibly annoying, but that's the point. She's the one off saving the world while they stand oblivious and think Carter is a helpless female merely biding her time until she marries and goes off to have a slew of kids. I enjoyed Jarvis as a character and Howard Stark too because they do not underestimate her.

Then there's Dot the evil Russian assassin.  She's another female character that begs for deep analysis and the written word. I had to wonder if she's not the predecessor of the Black Widow? I need to look up references in my Marvel encyclopedia. I enjoyed the fight scenes between these two and hope we get more.

Overall, I liked how this season fits within the other entries to the Marvel universe. There's just enough connection to Captain America to give the show some stability; however, Atwell's poise and charisma ensure that the series stands on its own.  Carter's character grows remarkably during these episodes

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