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Saturday, April 30, 2016

REVIEW: Monday by E.L. Todd

A big THANKS to @inkslingerpr and author, E.L. Todd for the review opportunity!

Expected publication: May 3, 2016

Fallen Publishing - buy it here.

Francesca aka 'Frankie' is a twenty something college student working as a barista at the local coffee shop, 'The Grind'. School is just a means to an end before she endeavors to live her true dream: opening a bakery in Manhattan.  Frankie is no stranger to tragedy or emotional loss, having lost both her parents at a young age. She isn't necessarily looking for love, but when fate intercedes, Frankie finds her soulmate.

Hawke is as gorgeous as he is troubled.  Working as an intern and hell bent on succeeding in the cut throat money trading world, his player attitude and behavior is a defense mechanism wrought from surviving an abusive, turbulent childhood.  Hawke can't escape and put his past behind him since his mother refuses to leave the violent situation--one in which Hawke fears he won't be fast enough to save her one time.

When Frankie and Hawke meet, the attraction is instant.  He pushes her away for fear that he'd hurt her. However, destiny won't be ignored. As their paths cross again, a deep bond of friendship and intimacy neither has experienced before plants the roots for a relationship that is as tumultuous as it is passionate. Sometimes love just isn't enough.

I devoured Monday in virtually one sitting. Todd's characters and their stories are compelling.  There is a nice balance of timely humor, angst and realistic relationship woes mixed with intensely hot, passionate love scenes and a rise in climatic plot tension as everything in Hawke's life seems to explode. I both loved and hated the ending.  As I neared the finish, I was worried that all the problems would be magically solved in a few pages.  That isn't the case. Instead, Todd leaves readers wanting more with a well crafted relationship cliffhanger.  Hence why I 'hated' the ending a little bit too.

That being said, Frankie and Hawke's story continues in Tuesday and Wednesday. True Timeless series fans will be thrilled that Marie and Axel get two books of their own, Thursday and Friday. Publication for all titles is May 3, 2016.


Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Follow the author on Twitter: @E_L_TODD

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