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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

REVIEW: Where the Wild Things Bite by Molly Harper

This is the latest Half-Moon Hollow entry by Harper. Readers will laugh and delighted by this new book.  Supernatural rare book specialist Anna Winthorp is all set to deliver her precious cargo to fan fave Jane Jamison in Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky.  Too bad her plane is highjacked by the pilot who plans to snatch the prized book for his employers, a group of shapeshifters clamoring to have their mitts on the rare and valuable text.

Stranded in the wilderness with hot vampire, Finn, Anna's only goal is to survive and look at unappetizing to this stranger as possible. Determined to find civilization and find Jane, Anna hopes to remain as unscathed as possible both as Finn's snack or fighting her growing feelings toward his charms.

Fan of Harper won't be disappointed. The story is great, building on new characters with plenty of dimension plus bringing back beloved book friends for some new adventures.  The dialogue is stellar and snarky. I love her flawed, quirky heroines that discover a sense of self and independence plus a little hot romance along the way. Finn is dashing and adorable in his con-man ways.

Where the Wild Things Bite is another audiobook treat from Amanda Ronconi.  Amazing performance that will have listeners engaged, laughing and begging for more!

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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