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Saturday, September 5, 2015

REVIEW: Born of Fury by Sherrilyn Kenyon

FINALLY. Dancer Hauk's book.  Fans of Kenyon's League series have been waiting for this story a long time.  They won't be disappointed.  In true author fashion, Hauk is a classic wounded warrior. Scarred in youth from an accident, he has had to deal with the shame he's brought his aristocratic Andarian family, who pride physical perfection.  Added to that is his pledge to his oldest brother's widow, Dariana, a spiteful woman who strings Hauk along with no plans to enter unification, yet harbors ill will toward him for her husband's death--which she basically caused (but I digress).

​Despite all this, Hauk is a snarky and pleasant beast of a man well loved by his chosen Sentella allies and family.  Sure, he looks scary but he's really a big softie.  

Romance blossoms when League assassin, Sumi, is sent after Hauk by supreme baddie Kyr--League commander extraordinaire. Sumi has to take out Hauk if she hope to ever see her child again.  Of course, here's when things get complicated. There's a complicated past here namely since Sumi's sister was married to Hauk's brother Faine and that didn't end well. Hauk recognizes Sumi as an assassin and despite some lies, miscommunication and some life threatening enemy attacks, these two hit it off and fall for each other.

Remember, this is a Kenyon book and nothing is ever easy. Loving Sumi is a big no-no but Hauk throws caution to the wind. I won't spoil the details but if you know Kenyon's work, there are plenty of twists and turns but you can probably guess the outcome.

My only fault with the book was a bit of rambling at times.  I think the entire plot could have been tightened a bit to be more concise. As a reader, I always appreciate Kenyon's emphasis on the importance of home and family, but it gets repetitive.​

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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