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Sunday, September 20, 2015

REVIEW: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Down Town

Thanks to Netgalley for the free ARC!

If I can't have a new Dresden novel in 2015, the next best thing is an all new original graphic novel.  Down Town takes places a bit after the events of White Night.  Dresden continues to train Molly as his apprentice, especially in honing her telekinetic skills. Another supernatural creature of evil is using Chicago as a deadly playground and our favorite wizard is on a mission to hunt it down before it kills again.

Dresden's investigation leads him deep beneath Chicago to Undertown--abandoned tunnels full of all manner of otherworldly beasties, including the Big Bad du jour. Nothing is ever easy given the unexpected involvement of one of Dresden's biggest enemies--mobster extraordinaire Gentleman John Marcone--tasked with the city's protection under the Unseelie Accords.

Harry, Molly, Mouse and Marcone agree to a temporary alliance as they seek the unnamed sorcerer.  Overall, the characterization and story are enjoyable but the villain lacked depth.  We never learn any more about him and that was disappointing.  The artwork is fantastic and depicts the action and magical sequences well.

Final rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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