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Sunday, November 15, 2015

REVIEW: Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Secret is the fourth installment in writing duo Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard series.  Ruby Miller is a young American interning for her chance at a prestigious spot studying in Oxford.  When her boss announces that she'll be going to NYC on an extended business trip, she's stunned.  More so when Ruby learns she'll be accompanying the company's top urban planning exec, Niall Stella aka THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!

Niall Stella is as handsome as he is conservative. Still nursing the wounds of a new divorce, he doesn't have romance on his mind. Until his flirt filled plane ride with Ruby on the way to NYC. Their attraction builds, eventually mixing business and pleasure. Neither can quite label their new found relationship but when both personal and professional waves surface, some difficult choices have to be made.

One criticism is the frustrating stall to this relationship.  Its finally getting somewhere and then Niall and Ruby (both equally at fault) have to go and throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing. Admittedly, Niall needed closure but didn't handle it well. Ruby makes her own decisions but when she doesn't get the reaction she wanted things go awry. This part of the book was rather irritating.

Overall, I liked this entry to the series but my favorite is still think Beautiful Player is my favorite.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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