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Friday, June 24, 2016

REVIEW: Wednesday (Timeless #3) by E.L. Todd

Hawke and Francesca are back in this third installment to Todd's Timeless series.  Having weathered a turbulent storm, they've found each other again.  For a time all is perfect; however, when a devastating loss resurfaces Hawke's past, his dark side returns and so do their woes.  He fears he'll endanger Francesca and as their relationship crumbles, she vows to never make the same mistake again.  But even as she moves on the memory of having Hawke's love lingers and he's determined to win her back but knows he has to work to overcome the fear and anger associated with his past.

I continue to enjoy this series even if the on again, off again relationship between these two is an emotional roller coaster ride. Just when they make progress, they jump several steps back. While this works in fiction, if this was RL, we'd never encourage a fellow friend or family member to continue to engage in such a draining and sometimes toxic relationship.   Within the narrative, such behavior creates tension and drama for excitement toward the big make up.

I still feel for poor Kyle. He's a good guy and certainly deserves more than he's gotten with Francesca but he is also a bit of doormat and needs to man-up and move on from her.

Overall, I understand the series format but stand behind my view that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would be that much stronger as an edited and combined piece of work.  I'm looking forward to finishing the series and reading more about Axel and Marie's romantic backstory.

Check out my previous reviews of Monday and Tuesday!  A big thanks to @InkslingerPR for the review opportunity.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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